Grocery Budget and Weekly Totals

This month I set a new grocery budget for our family of 11 which I will be sharing more about later on next week.  This year has been a bit of a wash for me in terms of growing my own food, canning and buying local food.  Maybe not a wash…but definitely not as much focus on those things as I wanted.  However, I had a baby this year so I’m giving myself some slack. 

I’ve fluctuated on my grocery budget over the years and as my family grows, I’ve had to adjust.  We have a large family of which several of them are teenage boys who eat a ton of food!  I’ve added in some adjustments for increase in family size, growing teenage boys and a season of decrease in the amount of food we are producing on our farm (due to work and having a baby).  I hope to share some of my ideas for how I feed such a large family without having a huge grocery budget. 

Even though I increased my family food budget, I’ve been able to come in under budget with the couponing I’ve been doing.  

This weeks grocery totals are as follows:

  • $20.08 Publix
  • $144.14 Publix
  • $18.25 Bread Store

Total:  $182.47

I did two separate transactions at Publix because the store I shop at has implemented a limit on how many sale items you can buy in one transaction.  I bought the max amount of pasta in the first transaction and another max amount of pasta in the second transaction.   Publix always has a great deal on pasta! 

My picture is really sorry.  My camera is scratched and being held together with black electrical tape.  I’m in the market for a new camera for my blog!  Any suggestions? 

I had 3 counter tops full of food…here’s just one of them.  Some of the highlights are:

  • I bought 12 boxes of pasta which were .25 cents a box. 
  • 27 lbs of sweet potatoes for .39 cents a pound. 
  • 20 lbs of regular potatoes for .27 cents a pound. 
  • Starbucks coffee for $4.99 a bag with a coupon on the bags for a free tall cup of Starbucks coffee when you bring the empty bag to a location!  I was thrilled to find this deal in the store using the $2 off any bag coupons they were handing out. 
  • 3 large bags of Free Dixie napkins.  (look for the green peelie coupons on the Dixie plates that are BOGO this week!!)
  • also bought another turkey for .59 cents a pound

Everything I bought was on sale and I used a lot of coupons on those sale items so I saved over $150 off my grocery bill!  I was pleased with that. 

At the bread store, I bought 28 loaves of bread, rolls and bagels for a little over $18.  Most of the bread and rolls were .50 cents a package. 

Hopefully, next week I can skip out on the grocery store.  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving week and all the yummy foods we’re planning on cookin’ up! 

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  1. Great job!! And congrats on the little blessing 🙂  I am coming out of a season of my worst morning sickness ever….I’m pretty sure that my husband and kids ate their way through every food item I had stocked up in my pantry while I was laid up!! Ugh! Not a great place to be in right before the holidays. You have given me some gumption and now I’m off to clip coupons!

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