Feeling Sorry for the Hungry Man Frozen Dinner Guy

I love going to the grocery store with a good meal plan in hand.  I feel like donning a super hero cape and zipping down the aisles in hysterical laughter over how awesome it is to be able to go buy ingredients and bring them home with a master plan of creating something wonderful and tasty out of something basic and real.  Well, not really, but almost.  Maybe I should get out of the house more often!

These days with children under foot,  I go to the store alone and take my time looking and thinking.  Sometimes I see something that I haven’t used in a long time.  That head of red cabbage or those meaty mushrooms or fluffy kale look interesting.  Interesting cheeses or special cuts of meat.  All those bakery goods smell so good.  Sometimes it sparks an idea of something I instantly want to make.   I check things off and pat myself on the back that I picked up everything on my list.  The job of meal planner, grocery shopper, cook and baker is a relentless job because everyone around here expects to eat more than once a day!  I try to make it a thrilling  job by thinking they can’t survive without me shopping, planning and cooking for them!

By the time I am finished shopping, my cart is overflowing.  These are the ingredients to my master menu plan for the week for my hungry family. These ingredients will be turned into something that make my kitchen smell delicious and that fill our hardworking, famished bodies with healthy, tasty, down home goodness!  At least that is the goal and the hope!

I get up to the check out stand and in front of me is a lone guy with his buggy.  Mountain Dew, beer and a stack of Hungry Man frozen dinners and more beer.  My perfect food world is shattered for a few moments.  A depressing sight.  Seriously, with all the choices available in this store…”that’s the best you could do?”  Maybe it is my first-born-ness coming out but I have a strong desire to change his food choices for him and tell him what he should eat.   However, I quickly realize that it’s not my business anyway?  He is a grown man and can make his own grown up food choices without my help.  He moves on.  My abounding cart re-engages my thoughts and I push forward.  Putting the frozen dinner guy out of mind, I remind myself that every time I dread making supper for my family just think of the Hungry Man frozen dinner guy and be very glad I have the privilege of serving my family by making them a satisfying homemade supper they will all love.

Re-engage this year and start seeing your job as planner and meal maker for the important job it is and avoid scoping out other people’s grocery carts.  It’s probably rude.


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