Cut Grocery Bill Shopping at Aldi

I have recently become a fan of the Aldi grocery store.  For the last few months, I’ve been shopping at Aldi for several grocery items where the savings on these items has significantly added up.   Not only have I been saving money on groceries, but I’ve been very pleased with the high quality of these items.

For the new year, I intend on adding Aldi to my grocery shopping store list.

Here are some things you need to be prepared for when shopping at Aldi:

  1. Bring a quarter to “rent” the grocery buggy.  My kids think this is one of the greatest things.  You will get the quarter back after you return it to the buggy return.
  2. Bring cash…or use a debit card.  No credit cards accepted.
  3. Bring bags.  They do not bag your groceries.  I actually prefer boxes and usually have a few boxes in the car specifically for my Aldi trip or will collect a few of the empty boxes in the store to pack my food in.
  4. They do not accept coupons.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the Aldi product, they will replace it and give you your money back.
  6. They have a regular seasonal and household discounted goods that they offer each week.  I’ve bought several things that I’ve been very pleased with.

I don’t buy all my groceries at Aldi, but I have been able to cut my grocery bill by buying several items that I use to buy at a regular grocery store.   Here are some things that I’ve found this month:

  1. $1.99 butter –  cheaper than Costco and the quality is great.
  2. $1 a dozen eggs.  While I don’t buy store bought eggs normally, when my hens aren’t laying in the winter and with all the extra baking, I found the $1 a dozen eggs an excellent option. (The egg cartons even had Scriptures on them!?)
  3. $.89 cents cream cheese.  I used Aldi cream cheese to make my Christmas pumpkin cheesecake and it was delicious.
  4. $49 cent celery stalks – excellent quality.
  5. $1.99 for a 10 pound bag of potatoes!
  6. $1.99 for 3 pounds of pears
  7. $1.99 for 3 pounds of oranges
  8. $.99 cents for 3 pounds of carrots
  9. $.69 cents canned milk.  I always keep canned milk in my pantry.  Aldi has it cheaper than anyone.

There were a lot of other significant price differences in toilet paper, paper plates, chips, cheese, bread, other dairy products and baking goods.  Aldi also has excellent prices on stocking up on canned foods for your pantry.

I found the quality of the items I bought to be excellent.  I also found the store to be very neat and clean and the cashiers very nice.  Another positive is that the store wasn’t a crazy, packed mad-house like other grocery stores.  I’ll be using Aldi a lot more in the future!

You can sign up for their weekly flyer here:  Aldi Foods

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  1. Ms. Amy says:

    I’ve also started using Aldi in the last few months.  By doing most of my shopping there, I’ve been able to save about 20% on my food expenses!  I was skeptical at first, but everything I’ve tried has been excellent quality.  I do still have to shop another store for random items like buttermilk, juice boxes, and a greater variety of meats, but it’s worth the hassle of splitting my shopping trips.

  2. DianaB says:

    I have been shopping at Aldi’s frequently and really like it. Milk and butter are much cheaper at our store and produce and canned goods are at a great price. It isn’t a very big store, but it is packed full of bargains.

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