Aldi Grocery Store Smart Phone App — It’s free!

There is a really cool, free, Aldi app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android users.  If you shop at Aldi regularly, this could really come in handy.

Here are the features:

  • Weekly Special Buy Updates: Check out each week’s deals with one easy click.
  • New Low Prices: This feature will enable you to see the latest price reductions on the items you already love.
  • Weekly Ads: Get your low prices even faster with our weekly ads.
  • Create a Shopping List: Use the shopping list tool to create your list of must-have special buy and new low price items with just a few easy clicks.
  • Store Locator: This GPS-enabled tool will show you the ALDI stores nearest to your current location. Get addresses, directions, maps and store hours.

How to download the iPhone App.

1. Go to the iPhone App. Store
2. Go to search and enter ALDI
3. Select the free App. and press install

How to download the Android App.

1. Go to the Android Market
2. Go to search and type ALDI
3. Select ALDI App. then install

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  1. Tina Howard says:

    Hey Bethany,
    I was just getting caught up on your blog.  I love shopping at ALDI.  They are way cheaper than WalMart on just about everything I have bought.  Their produce is very cheap and much better than it used to be several years ago.  I have found Costco to be cheaper on some things like mushrooms, unless they are marked down that week.  I just got baby bellas for 69cents/ 8 oz at Aldi.  Salmon and shrimp are very good and cheaper at Aldi than anywhere else I have found, too.

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