8 Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceries

I think every homemaker wouldn’t mind saving money on their grocery bill.  Here are 8 simple ways you can save money on groceries. 

  1. Save Money on Groceries by Shopping Sales:  Grocery stores usually put out a few loss leader sales each week to entice buyers into their store.  A loss leader sale may not make a profit for the grocery store, but it will lure buyers and when buyers come, they spend money on other things.  You will find that you save more money when you plan your grocery buying around grocery store sales.  Buy chicken that is on sale for .89 cents a pound and avoid buying it when it is $3.39 a pound.  You can buy double what you would normally buy when it is on sale and store it in the freezer for the weeks ahead.
  2. Save Money on Groceries by Buying Produce in Season:  Learn the produce seasons for your area!  You will spend a lot more money buying strawberries in December, buy them in May when they are in season, cheaper and abundant.  Zucchini and Squash are cheaper and more abundant in the summer.  You’ll find better deals on oranges and grapefruit in the late fall and winter time.  Eating in season is cheaper!
  3. Save Money on Groceries by Meal Planning:  Most women who meal plan usually make a weekly or monthly meal plan.  A weekly meal plan based on shopping sales and buying produce in season is a good way to cut your grocery bill.  Plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, along with snacks and items you would like to bake.  Scanning paper or online grocery store ads will allow you to know what is on sale that week, so you can make your meal plan accordingly. 
  4. Save Money on Groceries by Baking Your Own Snacks and Baked Goods:  Avoid the Bakery department, except maybe for the free cookie for the kids.  Grocery store baked goods are very expensive and can really put a dent in saving money on your grocery bill.  Collect some of your favorite baking recipes for banana breads, coffee cakes, cookies and muffins.  Store needed ingredients in your pantry.  Baked goods often freeze well too so you can make ahead and pull out of the freezer later. 
  5. Save Money on Groceries by Using a Grocery List:  I have found that it is easier for me to keep a notebook with printable lists, worksheets and paper so that I can make grocery lists or write down meal planning ideas while riding in the car.  When you make your weekly or monthly meal plan, write everything down on a list.  Take your grocery list with you to the store to prevent impulse buying as well as to help you remember what you need for every meal that week. 
  6. Save Money on Groceries by Using a Grocery Price Book or Price List:  Keep track the items you buy by keeping a price list to help you remember what is a good deal and what is not.  I keep a price list on a few items I buy so I know by pound or ounce what my target price is on that certain item. 
  7. Save Money on Groceries by Using Coupons:  I have found that coupons are like money in my pocket!  I save thousands of dollars every year just by clipping, collecting and printing coupons and using them at the grocery store usually on items that are already on sale!  If you do not have access to the newspaper coupons, there are plenty of online coupons available until you can collect other coupons.  If you are new to couponing, check out my ebook for more information on how to save a lot of money couponing! 
  8. Save Money on Groceries by not Being Brand Loyal:  I know a lot of people are brand loyal… I like certain brands too!  However, some items you can really save some money on by not being brand specific and being willing to try the store brand or a less expensive brand.  If you do not like the store brand item, you can always take it back (even an empty box) and tell them it wasn’t the quality or taste you expected.  Many store brand items offer that guarantee!  I once tried the Walmart brand pasta macaroni noodles and found that they were NOT comparable to the regular brands.  However, I’ve tried other store brands on different items and found them very comparable.  Many store brand products are made by the brand name product anyway. 

I hope to put out more Saving Money ideas soon!!!

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