Summer Garden

We had an incredibly rainy month in May.  My garden is growing leaps in bounds with both plants and weeds.  I usually keep the weeds down with hay mulch, but I’m out of hay and needing to go pick up some more soon! 

I’ve been amazed at my little lettuce and cabbage plants.  They are huge now!  They’ve been heavy producers this spring and have given me tons of greens!  I started off trying to monitor how much lettuce and cabbage I was getting, but it became too much to keep up with.  We’ve had salads for almost every meal and given lettuce to the animals to eat too. Too bad you can’t freeze or can lettuce!  We’ve been picking cabbage heads and I think after I get burned out making coleslaw, I’ll can up some kraut.  That little investment in those starter plants has paid off big time now!

Here’s the little lettuce starter plants I planted earlier this spring.  I planted Butter Crunch lettuce and Romaine lettuce. 

My little lettuce plants turned into huge-mungous (as my 4 year old says) lettuce plants. 

I’ve planted other yummy veggie plants that are also growing fast.  So far, I have planted 26 tomato plants.  I’m hoping to expand that a bit more so I can get a good amount of diced tomatoes and salsa canned up.  I have onions, peas, garlic, cucumbers, basil, squash, zucchini, okra and green beans, peppers, tomatillas planted and growing too.  I’m anxiously awaiting being able to harvest some of this good food.   

I’m so looking forward to the garden goodness this summer as well as the savings it will bring!!!!

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Picking Pak Choi Chinese Cabbage

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  1. This sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear about everything you get out of your garden over the summer!

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