Strawberries in Season

It’s strawberry season!  I love strawberry season.   We use strawberries year round but I especially love fresh strawberries.  Usually I freeze strawberries instead of canning them.  We use frozen strawberries for making fruit smoothies, strawberry syrup for pancakes and crepes and strawberry muffins.  Strawberries make life happier!

A friend of mine pruned her strawberry patch and brought me a wonderful gift: a box of strawberry plants!!  I was so thrilled to finally get a strawberry patch of my own started here on my farm!  My boys built me some raised beds and we planted the beloved strawberry plants! 

After a few weeks in the ground, the strawberry plants are doing amazing!  I have lots of flowers and lots of little green berries already!  We can’t wait!!!! 

I ordered additional strawberry plants and we are working on getting several more raised beds up and going! 

~ Happy Spring Planting ~

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