Purple Basil, Strawberry Plants and Gourmet Lettuce

I didn’t get as much done this week as I’d hoped.  In my dreams I would have had the entire garden planted.  I went from giving up on gardening before I had even started tooo at least planting some of my purple basil and green basil plants in a little flower bed up near the house.  

I also picked up more strawberry starts.  I will need to get those in the ground in the next 7 days so we will be busily working on more strawberry raised bed boxes this coming week. 

Today, we went to a friend’s farm and picked a bunch of organic gourmet lettuce.  Our friends have an organic CSA and grow a massive garden –like acres!  It’s very impressive.  Their lettuce mix patch was going to be tilled under next week so we went to glean the fields today.  Very fun! 

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