Have You Thought About Cultivating Cash In Your Garden

For all you who have spring fever, here’s a group of articles to inspire you to plant something this year!  Have you thought about cultivating cash in your garden?  Well, true, you money doesn’t grow on trees or in the garden, however, gardening is one of the best ways to slash your grocery bill!  Whether it be a container of kitchen herbs in the window or a back yard garden spot, these articles break up the monotony of the cold winter!  Save money, have more, eat better….. Start planning your veggie garden now!

Cultivating Cash in Your Garden

In uncertain times, growing your food is fashionable again

Garden Trends

‘Recession gardens’ trim grocery bills, teach lessons

Vegetable Self-Sufficiency:  Planning, Planting and Harvesting a Year Round Garden – This article is a good read.  It’s long but inspiring.  You can learn a lot from a man who the last time he went to the grocery store was to pick up batteries!

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  1. I regularly read awaytogarden.com  She has a lot of great gardening tips like planting times, how-to’s, etc.  Great for my non-green thumb that needs a push!  😉

  2. Carmen…thanks for the link suggestion….

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