Growing Fresh Garden Lettuce! Look at the Savings!!!

I spent the afternoon in the garden.  It is still too early to plant tomatoes, squash, beans and peppers.  But it is perfect weather for planting  lettuce, onions, cabbage, and other cool weather vegetables.

My garden now isn’t by any means anything grand.  The things planted in the garden now will drastically cut the grocery bill by providing us with fresh produce for eating.  I purchased plant starts from an Amish lady so I could get a head start.  I have 24 romaine lettuce plants and 24 butter crunch lettuce plants planted as well as some Pak Choi cabbage and Stonehead cabbage.

The plant starts cost me .22 cents per plant.  When they are ready to be picked from in a few weeks, hopefully, I will have a bountiful supply of fresh greens!  Lettuce at the store was $2.99 a head for romaine (and it wasn’t organic).

I bought .20 cent seed packages and have started several trays that will be ready in a few weeks for transplanting.  I have a tray of spinach and a tray of lettuce just sprouting in the seed starting trays which I will plant in a few weeks hopefully.  I have a few other trays of beets and a variety of herbs.   I’ve never staggered my planting before, but I am hoping to this year to help me have a more consistent harvest.

Store bought lettuce: $2.99 a bunch
Garden grown lettuce with plant starts: .22 cents
Garden lettuce grown from seed: .20 cents for over 100 seeds!

When you grow lettuce from seed, you are obviously reaping the greatest amount of savings in the long run.  That is if you successfully grow lettuce from seed.  You aren’t likely to get 100 plants out of 100 seeds.  You will need to plant and then thin your seedlings.  Even if you produced 20, 30 or 50 plants out of your 100 seeds, your savings is huge in comparison to buying store bought!

In my experience, lettuce is one of the easiest plants to grow.  It grows well in containers as well, so there is no need for big garden spaces.

When you grow your own garden lettuce….you can really see the savings!  In addition, when you have fresh garden greens, you are more likely to incorporate these healthy varieties into your diet on a more regular basis.

Making your own healthy, low-cost dressings are perfect for garden lettuce!

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