Cheap Garden Seeds with $.20 Cent Seed Packages

Here’s a way to grow some really great produce for little to nothing! 

I found seeds for $.20 cents a package at the Dollar Store (Dollar General) and at Walmart.  I found lots of vegetables and herb seeds and some of them were even heirloom varieties.  I bought herb seeds like parsley, basil and dill.  I also bought several kinds of lettuce as well as spinach, beets, squash, zucchini, peas and turnips.  I also bought some flower seed packages for $.20 cents as well. 

For under a few dollars, we had a bag full of cheap seeds.  The seed packages also had a lot of seeds for $.20 cents.  We gave already planted some of our cheap seeds in seed starter trays.  Within a few days, I had lettuce and spinach popping up.  Every day we eagerly await to see what else new has popped up to see us! 

I’m looking forward to doing a cost comparison of these seeds and the amount of food I can grow out of them. 

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