Stock Up on Cheap School Supplies

I was able to get some great cheap school supplies this week not only for the school year, but for replenishing our supply of crayons and glue sticks for the little ones.  I like to keep extra pens, crayons, glue, markers, paper etc.  in a bucket in the top of one of the closets so I don’t have to pay full price during the rest of the year. 

A Target a few weeks ago, I was able to get BIC pens, 10 packs, for $.16 cents each, crayons for $.20 cents and pencil boxes for my little kids to keep up with their crayons for .50 cents each.  Since the office supply stores and Target are over an hour from me, this week I settled for my most unfavorite store, Wally World, which is about 25 minutes from me.  Most exciting to me was the fact that I was able to use coupons for BIC supplies and the Post-It notes. 

  • .50 cents for Dictionary or Thesaurus books.  I needed these for my 3 older children for their writing class…and was pleased to see they were .50 cents each!!!
  • .15 cents for one subject spiral notebooks.  I bought 12 and probably should get more.  That’s cheaper than notebook paper!
  • .75 cent packages of notebook paper. 
  • .20 cent crayons (.25 cents for the Crayola brand)
  • Free Post-It notes with this printable coupon!!!!  I bought 7 and used 7 coupons without any problems.  The single packs are on sale for a $1 at Walmart and Target and the coupon is for $1 off.  No limit on prints. 
  • .64 cents for notecards
  • .50 cent BIC pens, mechanical pencils and other various BIC products – used these $1 off 2 coupons here and here.  I was able to buy 8 packages of BIC products by printing out 2 prints from each link. 
  • .25 cent glue sticks
  • $1 Sharpie markers
  • .97 cent dividers and pencil sharpeners and a few other under a dollar items. 
  • Expo multi-pack dry erase markers from $1.50 to $3

I was glad to get out of there with what I needed for all the kids for just about $25 and without having to drive an hour!

If you live around any office supply stores, I’d encourage you to check their sales fliers.  They have been having amazing school supply deals lately.  Here’s a link to some of the current school supply deals this week at a variety of stores. 

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  1. so seriously, I constantly am on the lookout for the cheapest things and I have never gotten even close to these deals.  somebody alert me PLEASE!  LOL

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