Final Draft of the New Penny Pantry E-Book Now Available

The new Penny Pantry e-book is available for download.  Learn how to stock your pantry for pennies on the dollar!  Check out the details on the Product Page or Click Here Now.

The Penny Pantry unlocks the secrets of stocking a large kitchen pantry while saving more money on your grocery bill than you ever thought possible.  By using strategic shopping techniques you can have a well stocked home pantry that will be a source of security in tough economic times for a fraction of the normal cost.  But there is more than simply saving money and having more food in the pantry, The Penny Pantry can help you reclaim your grocery time, but turning the modern grocery system, into an asset for you to be called upon at your discretion.  No more last minute trips to the grocery store, with the help of The Penny Pantry you can rely on your own home store; your pantry.

Authored by Bethany Vaughn, a super shopping mother for a house hold of 10, this book will encourage you as she explores managing an effective home pantry and saving money in the process.  Join Bethany as she shares her top grocery shopping tips and how she has reduced her family grocery bill to a fraction of the cost she once paid.  Over the years it has not been unusual for Bethany to come home with grocery receipts that showed, 50%, 75% and even up to 98% savings on groceries.

This book is finished and going through the final edits before it is officially released on February 12th. Order today and download your final draft version and save 50% of the regular price. You will receive a link to get the final “Ready for Print” version on Friday February 12th at no additional charge.  Click Here Now to check it out.

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