Drinking Lemon Water and other lemon uses…

Fresh lemons……   I heart you! 

This year has brought about many changes in our family.  From me being a ninja attack woman on the laundry monster residing in my house……to bringing more nutritious foods into my kitchen…I’m enjoying the challenge of making changes. 

One of the changes I have made this year is drastically increasing the amount of water I am drinking.  Since doing that, I’ve also started squeezing a few lemon or lime slices into my water glasses.  It’s very refreshing and it is an easy way to add fresh, raw vitamins to your diet with little effort.  It’s super easy to add a considerable amount of vitamin C to your diet, just by squeezing lemons into your water.  Plus,  it’s super cheap nutrition!

You can buy a bag of lemons and limes at Sams or Costco for around $4 or $5. While I have found them cheaper in the past, these lemons and limes I have been getting are very rich, heavy and juicy.  

Fresh squeezed lemonade is a summer time favorite around here too! 

We love just about anything with lemon:  from lemon chicken to lemon meringue pie –I enjoy cooking and baking with lemons! 

Remember to wash your lemons or limes before cutting them and squeezing them in your water!  You can slice up several lemons or limes and keep them in a sealed container in the refrigerator so they are conveniently available for you to pull out and use in a jiffy. 

You can get further mileage out of  your lemon peels by dropping them down the garbage disposal and grinding them up to freshen the sink. 


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