It’s time to Stockpile Strawberries!

One of my dreams is to have a wonderful strawberry patch one day soon.  For now, I just have a few little plants in a planter pot on the front porch that have been giving me a few strawberries here and there.  I love strawberries!

Tis’ the season to stock up on strawberries!  Strawberries are in peak season right now (May in our area, April to June in others) and you will be able to find them cheap and abundant now!  So stock up! 

Strawberries can be easily frozen and will last for quite a while in gallon size freezer bags.  I use these frozen strawberries in smoothies  and muffins mostly, but also will boil them down for a yummy syrup over pancakes or crepes. 

Strawberries also make wonderful jams and syrups for canning! 

I’m hoping to get to the produce auction in my area and buy some flats of strawberries to stockpile my pantry and freezer with until next year’s strawberry season!

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One comment on “It’s time to Stockpile Strawberries!

  1. Yay! I am so excited for strawberry season to get here in Michigan, just a little longer! I made 36 jars of jam last year and we have 2 left 😉  My girlfriend lives in Columbus, OH and has a beautiful, huge, brick colonial and landscaped part of the front of her house with strawberry plants! She has some really large rocks here and there and a post with hanging baskets, but essentially she has a huge area that looks like ground cover but is actually strawberries! It looks gorgeous and it’s functional, too! I thought it was a clever idea 🙂 Enjoy!!

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