Canning for the Home Pantry

This week has been a long week of focused food preserving around my house.  I still have lots more food to can and freeze, however, I ended the week with lots of frozen corn, lots of shredded zucchini, some peaches and was able to get a good start on my canning for the season. 

I put my 5 year old to work today washing and cutting lots of zucchini, tomatoes and squash.  She did an amazing job!  I had the boys bring in a 5 gallon bucket so we could throw all the scraps into the bucket for them to take out later to the pigs.  It quickly got the scraps off the counter tops and out of our way. 

We peeled the tomatoes.  Normally, I like to freeze the tomatoes whole and then take them out and put them in a large bowl of warm water.  The skin will come right off.  But I just peeled them with a peeler and a knife this time and then my 5 year old cut them up for me.  The fresh garden tomato smell filled the air and they tasted wonderful!

These tomatoes were the $.15 cent a pound tomatoes I bought at the produce auction. 

This time I lightly blanched the cut zucchini and squash and then added the chopped up tomatoes to a big bowl and stirred it up.  I was able to get more food per jar than the last batch that I raw packed. 

I ended up with 7 quart jars and 9 pint jars of zucchini, tomatoes and squash.  I’m planning on using the zucchini, tomatoes and squash mixture for soup and adding to casseroles. 

Here are the peaches, the dark peach jam and the zucchini mixture we canned up today. 

My canning efforts are starting to multiply and it makes me smile.  It’s a lot of work taking garden fresh food and  canning it, but it is well worth the effort especially when you can look on your pantry shelves and see all the goodness God provided and being satisfied with the work you’ve done in preparing ahead of time.  It’s even more exciting getting to use your canned food in your pantry and provide meals for your family. 

I plan on continuing the work to stock my pantry shelves next week.  Stay tuned for lots more food preservation adventures!!!

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  1. I love seeing others’ canning pictures on their blogs. I tried canning once and it went so-so. I really want to learn how to can my spaghetti sauce (first I need to find out if I can safely can sauce with meat in it!) so that I don’t have to make it so often.
    I look forward to visiting your blog again.

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