Building Your Pantry Using Ruth Stout’s Gardening Method

I ran across Ruth Stout last year when a friend of mine (Thanks, Sherry) apologizing gave me a video about Ruth Stout.  I say apologizing because Ruth Stout was a bit quirky and odd in some of her thinking and practices.  Despite that fact, there is a wealth of gardening knowledge that one can gain from her.  Ruth Stout was an amazing organic gardener that taught organic mulch method gardening.  She claimed it was the No Dig/No Work organic gardening method that produced a good garden, good soil and no weeds. 

After using her mulch gardening method last year, I have to say that I am sold on hay mulch gardening.  We didn’t spend hours and hours of back breaking work weeding the garden last year.  We also hardly watered our garden all summer long.  The mulch kept the ground moist and the weeds a bay.  The weeds that did spring up were easily covered up with more mulch or pulled up easily because they were unable to develop deep roots. 

If you are serious about stocking your pantry, gardening can be the most effective, most inexpensive way to build a pantry.  Women use to take seriously the job of pantry building and didn’t have the 24 hour Stuff-Mart available to purchase all their food.  How did they do it?  They were skilled homemakers who knew the arts and skills of building a home pantry though gardening and preserving the food they grew. 

The hay mulch gardening method has been a very successful gardening method that has helped me turn my garden into something useful and productive for my home pantry. 

Here are a few interesting articles on her:

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You can watch the Ruth Stout gardening video called Ruth Stout’s Garden on You Tube here!  It is a 3 part series. 

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  1. Although I have not heard of Ruth Stout, I did take a class from our local library on gardening and the teacher recommended this very thing.  Last year was our first year ever trying this and it was wonderful!!! Just like you say, very few weeds and the weeds we did get had very shallow roots. Interpretation = Kids Can Easily Pull Themselves 🙂  I was so ecstatic over this, it completely changed my garden success!!  My life will never be the same.

  2. that’s exactly how i feel about it.  Last gardening season we kept saying to ourselves….why didn’t we think of this!  Such an easy solution! 

    I ask for paper grocery sacks at the store and reuse them in the garden during gardening season.  I also save empty paper 50 lb flour / bulk food bags and find they are useful in the garden too. 

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