Preserving Food: Freezing Corn

Well, I’m finished with my first 50 pound bag of corn from the  produce auction!  I have 4 more bags to go!  I was able to get 5 bags of corn (off the cob), 10 bags of cob corn with each bag containing 9 to 12 servings and we ate 12 ears of fresh corn for supper and lunch.   I was amazed at how far $6 a bag went.  Not only did we put up a lot of food in the freezer, but we fed the hogs lots of very yummy scraps. 

5 stacked mesh bags full of corn

I put my children ages 7 to 2 years old on the task of shucking the corn.  They did an excellent job and it kept them busy for a long while.  They would fill their little buckets of up with corn and bring them into the two big boys who were washing and cutting the ends off. 

One of our most detailed corn shuckers!

I would then take the corn and blanch it in the large pot of boiling water for a few minutes and then take it out and put it in the ice water.  My 11 year old daughter would then take it and put it up in the food saver bags and seal them. 

I blanched the corn before freezing it.  

After blanching, I cooled the cobs off in ice water. 

Once we had a system going, it didn’t take too long to get through the bag. It was getting the system going that was the problem.  The next 50 pound bag should be much easier!

Here’s the finished product ready for the freezer! 

Here’s a step by step instructional on how to freeze corn.  This instructional uses the blanching method, which I altered a bit after reading several other sources that said not to blanch it too long.  There are a variety of opinions out there on how to freeze corn.  Some  don’t even bother shucking their corn before they freeze it, some shuck and clean it but do not blanch, some shuck, clean and blanch for 30 seconds or a few minutes, others blanch for up to 7 minutes!  I’m not sure who is right but it’s very nice to have all that corn stored away in the freezer for future use!

The Ball Blue Book of Preserving also has some helpful information on preserving food by freezing and dehydrating.  I use this book all the time when I am canning food. 

Stay tuned for more food preserving blog posts this week.  I have a lot of food to put up this week and we are going to be blogging about what we are doing each day!

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