Preserving Food For the Pantry: Canning Peaches

We also started tackling the peaches on day two of our food preserving week here.  There is nothing quite like sweet summer peaches!  We’ve eaten a whole lot of fresh peaches over the last month!  I just picked up two more 3/4 bushel boxes of peaches and they are scrumptious! 

These bulk peaches cost me $14 for 3/4 of a bushel which is almost 38 pounds of peaches.  I try to pay under .50 cents a pound for peaches.  This batch of peaches I was able to get for $.37 cents a pound!!!  It sure pays to buy in bulk!

Notice the little bites out of one of the peaches.  My two year old really likes peaches!!!

Today, we started canning the peaches.  The longest part of the process was peeling them.  I saved the scraps from peeling the peaches to make peach jelly.  I froze them in a baggie for use later.   

Put your peeled and halved peaches in cool water with lemon juice to keep your peaches from turning brown. 

After a long day of cleaning, blanching and freezing corn and packaging zucchini for the freezer, I was expecting the peaches to be put up with out incident!  I was wrong!  I had two jars break on me!  I’ve never had jars break..much less have two jars break in one batch!  I’m not sure what the problem was because the jars weren’t old and they were just being canned with a water bath. 

No home canner likes to see a broken jar!!!

I was glad to get some of the peaches canned up.  It was a full, busy and productive day that ended with a nice supper meal of cornbread, black-eyed peas and ham and steamed zucchini and squash and a after supper walk. 

I’m exhausted….Stay tuned for Day 3 in our food preserving adventures this week!  I still have lots of peaches, tomatoes, zucchini and squash to can.  Oh yeah….and more corn!

4 comments on “Preserving Food For the Pantry: Canning Peaches

  1. You are such an inspiration to me.  I was just getting my coupons lined up, along with my grocery list and was contemplating buying some peaches to store away.  I’ve frozen alot of fruit all summer but you made my mind start turning about CANNING my peaches instead of freezing!  Thank you soo much for being an industrious and resourceful wife and mother.  You are a blessing!

    from Colorado

    • Thanks Malinda…. 
      I like canning and freezing peaches. 

      Thanks for your compliments…I never know who is reading my blog posts or if they are even helpful…so it’s nice to hear you were blessed! 

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