Buying Bulk Fruit: Summer Peaches

We love fruit!  We eat a lots of fruit and I am always looking for inexpensive ways to bring home good fruit for my family.  I have been ordering fruit seasonally through a natural foods co-op in my area.  I just picked up my summer Georgia Peaches and ohhh yummy, are they wonderful!!!  Perfectly juicy and sweet!

I only bought two boxes which were $13 each.  Each box is 25 lbs or 1/2 a bushel each.  That works out to being .52 cents a pound for straight from the orchard fresh peaches! That’s an an amazing deal on fresh peaches!

We are eating lots of fresh peaches and I haven’t decided if I’m going to can or freeze the rest.  Later on in the summer, I will order a bigger batch and start canning peaches to stock my pantry with for this winter.  We really enjoyed the peaches that I canned last year, however, I underestimated the amount of peaches it would take to last through the winter. 

The best way to provide seasonal fruit for your family is of course, to have your own fruit trees.  I dream of flourishing fruit trees growing all around my home.  I guess I should start planting some trees 😉

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  1. Where did you buy your peaches?  I live in West-Central Florida and am looking to get some good peaches.

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