How To Find Inexpensive Baby Diapers?

You can find great deals on baby diapers pretty frequently at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens as long as you wait for a sale, rewards, rebates and use coupons.   

I’ve been trying to stockpile baby diapers before I have my baby.  I’m also trying to get my little toddler out of diapers before the baby is born!  Lately, I’ve found that diaper coupons and diaper sales seem to be abundant!  I was told by a Rite Aid employee that they were clearancing out Luvs diapers because they were not carrying them anymore and the stores that do carry them will only carry the small boxes.  Rite Aid has also been clearancing out Huggies and Pampers.  Evidently it is old stock because I opened up a package today and found that they had coupons that expired in 2009. 

Here is my latest baby diaper stockpile find:

$1.62 for each pack of diapers!!!

I went to Rite Aid this week and scored big on diapers.  I found several mega packages marked down from $17.99 to $8.99.  I used $3 off coupons, store coupons and the UP rewards that I earned on buying the John Frieda Root Awakenings Shampoo and Conditioner to bring my total cost for 254 diapers to a little over $.03 cents a diaper!  That beat my $.10 cents a diaper buy price by a long shot!

I did several transactions.  I first bought the root awakening shampoo and conditioner and earned $20 in UP rewards to use on the diaper transactions.  To buy the shampoo and conditioner, I used the $3 off root awakening coupons and some Up coupons from the previous week to end up earning me high overage off the 8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. 

I used two $10 UP coupons I made off the shampoo and conditioner, along with $3 off Huggies coupons, and a Pampers coupon, my my Rite Aid Video Value coupons ($5 off $20 and $5 off 25), as well as added in two rebates I will recieve to bring my total cost for all those packages of diapers for $9.72 or $1.62 each pack!!!

Had I of just bought those diapers without sales, clearance, rebates, coupons and rewards, the total cost at normal Rite Aid prices would have been $101.84 for those 6 packages of diapers!  

I love finding a great diaper deal!!!

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