Cheap Diapers from Arrived Today

Yea!  We were all excited….or I should say, my toddler and I were very excited today to see the cheap diapers from arrive at our door today!  I must say they had lighting fast shipping!

Here’s the deal I got:

  1. Sign into Ebates and go
  2. You need to order $49 to qualify for free shipping.  You can buy any diapers…but I ordered Luvs diapers from $6.49 a pack up to $35.99 for the giant box.  I ordered the giant box because it ended up being cheaper for what sizes I was getting.  I also added two smaller packs of diapers (the individual Pampers packs had eCoupon on them for $2 off) to bring my order as close to $49 as possible.  You could add some wipes as a filler item to bring your order up to $49.  I ended up at $50 something and qualified for the free shipping!
  3. When you check out,  enter in the $10 off coupon code:  pantrysave
  4. This will take $10 off for first time users.
  5. After you pay, click here and print out the rebate form.  Send in this form for a $14.97 rebate check to be sent to you.  It will give you the option of choosing the magazine subscription or a $14.97 check—choose the rebate check.
  6. My final costs were about $26 for 268 diapers!

Great deal!  The boy’s dry and I’m happy!

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