Cheap Diapers $10 off and free shipping from

Here’s a diaper deal for cheap diapers from with a $10 off coupon code and free shipping!  Evidently this is a great time to stock up on diapers.

I did this amazing deal on and bought 296 diapers for .09 cents each!  Here’s the scoop on how the deal works:

If you have an ebates account, you can sweeten the deal by earning a up to 4% more rebate back.  If you sign up for an account, ebates will give you $5 just for signing up! (I love ebates and use them all the time)

  1. Sign into Ebates and go
  2. You need to order $49 to qualify for free shipping.  You can buy any diapers…but I ordered Luvs diapers from $6.49 a pack up to $35.99 for the giant box.  I ordered the giant box because it ended up being cheaper for what sizes I was getting.  I also added two smaller packs of diapers (the individual Pampers packs had eCoupon on them for $2 off) to bring my order as close to $49 as possible.  You could add some wipes as a filler item to bring your order up to $49.  I ended up at $50 something and qualified for the free shipping!
  3. When you check out,  enter in the $10 off coupon code:  pantrysave
  4. This will take $10 off for first time users.
  5. After you pay, click here and print out the rebate form.  Send in this form for a $14.97 rebate check to be sent to you.  It will give you the option of choosing the magazine subscription or a $14.97 check—choose the rebate check.
  6. My final costs were about $26 for 268 diapers!

Here are some other Great Freebie Diaper Samples:

You can sign up here to receive a free 3 pack sample of the new Pampers Crusiers with Dry Max here.  Your freebie might contain the specially marked Team USA sticker.   If yours does, you will win free Pampers for one year!

Here’s a Free Sample of Huggies Pure and Clean newborn size and size 1.  I received my sample in the mail the other day.  It has 2 diapers in the sample and a $3 off Huggies Pure and Clean diaper coupon.

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