Build a Baby Diaper Stockpile

Disposable baby diapers can be a huge expense for new parents, especially if you are paying full price for disposable diapers. 

I’ve run the gamut of buying diapers full price, cloth diapering, buying diapers from Costco and buying diapers at grocery stores, discount stores and pharmacy stores with sales, coupons and rebates.  I’ve found that I save more money when I can strategically combine coupons and/or rebates with store sale when buying diapers. 

Why I stockpile diapers:

  1. I use a lot of diapers. 
  2. I want to build my own family store from which I “shop” pulling from items I’ve bought deeply discounted, instead of having to run up to the store every time I’m out of something and paying full price. 
  3. I want to stretch my dollars and further our household economy by shopping smart. 
  4. Diapers make great baby gifts!

Name brand diapers run $.20 to $.40 cents per diaper.   My target price for diapers is $.10 cents or under.  So if a package has 40 diapers in it, my goal is to pay $4.00 or less for that package.  Lately, I’ve been able to beat my target price by a long shot, so this has really helped to boost my diaper stockpiling efforts when I can find the diaper deals allowing me to purchase diapers for $.03 cents per diaper!!! 

My Baby Diaper Home Store

I’m trying to get a pretty good diaper stockpile built before our new baby arrives in September.  I’m stockpiling baby diapers based on my previous usage and my baby size and build.  All babies are different and you will have to evaluate diaper sizes based on your baby’s build and size. 

Here are diaper sizes with the corresponding weights:

Preemies:  Up to 6 lbs
Newborn: Up to 10 lbs
Size 1:  Up to 14 lbs
Size 2:  12-18 lbs
Size 3:  16-28 lbs
Size 4:  22-37 lbs
Size 5:  27+ lbs
Size 6:  35+ lbs

I have been able to do an equal exchange of smaller size diapers for a larger size before…only if the package is exactly the same.  You will run the risk of not being able to exchange sizes with clearanced out diapers because usually these clearances are because of package or product changes.  However, you could always save for future use or could bless an expecting mother or donate them. 

2 comments on “Build a Baby Diaper Stockpile

  1. i like to do the same thing.  only Rarely do diapers and wipes go on sale.  I mean good enough of a sale to buy in serious bulk. 

  2. we live on an Army post and the commissary has Pure and Gentle Diapers / Pull-ups for a pretty good deal.  although I think you still found a cheaper one..  seriously where do you shop?  what State?  I live in Washington State and apparantly our deals aren’t that great!  🙁

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