A Few Grocery Deals and Freebies

I took advantage of being in town and grabbed a few deals at Target and Publix one day this week.  At Target, I found  Gillette Fusion razors clearanced out to $2.48.  I used the one P&G $4 off any Gillette Fusion razor coupon I had and was able to get the $2 overage which went against the large bag of large dog food that was clearanced out to $8 as well as some other things I needed.  Target usually has clearance items on the end caps of the aisles.  They had two different kinds of Gillette Fusion razors clearanced out and if I would have had more coupons…I could have stocked up on razors for free. 

Free razors with over $3 in overage. 

I also was able to pick up some Cheerios cereal that were BOGO $3.99 at Publix.  I had some .50 cent off 1 coupons that were doubled to $1 off each box and there was a blinkie machine that had .75 cents off 2.  So I used a few of those and stocked up on some cereal.  This ended up being a little cheaper than the big boxes of cereal I buy at Sam’s.  I also used the $2 off any Schick razors and used it on the 2-pack Schick disposable razors which were priced at .99 cents a package….and they gave me the overage on that too!  I also picked up some .30 cent cans of vegetables and some kitchen sponges.  All in all it was 5 sacks of groceries and household products for $13….pretty good for not being ultra planned or having a lot of coupons. 

Then I went to Sam’s and picked up the rest of our groceries. 

I was also able to get  10 coupon inserts from the newspaper recycling place, which I am hoping will help me stock up on some up coming deals

Other on going deals worth checking out: 

CVS diapers:  I check one CVS store and they only had one package of CVS diapers 50% off  (size 6)…so I wasn’t able to find the really cheap $2 diapers everyone has been talking about

Pampers Wipes:  Possibly the hottest deal on baby wipes ever is the Pampers $2 off coupon that has recently been released and I don’t have any of those coupons!!!  I looked on ebay…but the auction prices are soaring.  It’s a awesome coupon for stocking up on free Pampers wipes…if you can get a hold of it!  Check out this list of places where you can use the coupon and get them for free. 

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