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What is The Penny Pantry?

The Penny Pantry is my personal blog about recapturing the old fashion art of pantry building and home cooking while living in a modern world !  From couponing to canning, I blog about my life as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 9 who loves to work in the kitchen creating and making things for my large family.

I hope to inspire and encourage homemakers to develop their homemaking skills and utilize Grandmother’s old fashioned wisdom to build sustainable, productive kitchens and pantries.

Making foods from scratch, super-sized cooking and baking, whipping up homemade dressings and mixing seasonings, growing a garden, tending a small kitchen herb patch, learning how to preserve food through canning and freezing are just a few things I regularly blog about.

May sweet savory meals be cooking in your crockpots and delicious smells be wafting from your ovens…..  Happy cooking, baking and pantry building!

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I hope Penny Pantry will encourage you!  - Beth

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  1. [...] Beth has been working on an ebook detailing her shopping experiences and the many money saving secrets she has learned over the years.  We decided to launch a new web site in honor of the soon to be released e-book.  All the articles from vaughnshire.com relating to grocery shopping, couponing, pantry building, etc… have now been (or soon will be) moved to http://pennypantry.com. [...]

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